Under The Sea

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Crib Toy is a wonderful addition to my baby boy’s room. It is both fun, entertaining, and helps to soothe him in the evening before bed. The toy is made up of durable plastic material and comes with several pre-recorded snippets of classical songs. My baby boy has been sleeping a lot better since we have placed the crib toy in his crib.

The Sea Dreams Soother by Baby Einstein is a small rectangular toy made with durable plastic material. The Sea Dreams Soother mimics an aquarium with sea life. The Sea Dreams Soother is attached to the railing of a baby’s crib and can be turned on and off via remote control. The baby can then be entertained with classical music and light effects as your baby watch cartoonish looking sea creatures swim around. The light and volume control is adjustable to what your baby prefers. The soother has a large star button that your baby can use to turn the machine on and off once they are old enough to do so.

I purchased the Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Crib Toy to help my son fall asleep. He loves to look at the fishes as they swim by and the classical music helps to lull him to sleep. It really does help to keep him entertained until he slowly goes to sleep. There have been occasions when we have had to travel to visit family and we attached this to the back of the car seat headrest. It helped to keep my baby entertained as he watched this small adorable version of an aquarium. He would alternate between watching the turtle and fishes swim by and taking a nap while we were on the road. He can’t reach the button to turn it off and on while it is on the headrest and he is in the car seat, so I absolutely love that it comes with a remote control. This way, I can turn it on and off whenever it is needed.

• Helps baby self soothe
• Ocean sounds help baby fall asleep
• Entertaining light show
• Babies can control on/off button
• Adjustable straps for cribs
• Attach to car headrest or plane tray table to soothe you baby
• Crib check light button

• Requires batteries
• Does not have a cord to attach to the outlet

I highly recommend the Sea Dreams Soother if you have a baby that has trouble falling asleep or wakes up frequently during the night. It is also great during road trips. Just attach the Sea Dreams Soother to the headrest and let it entertain and soothe your baby. I give the Sea Dreams Soother a five out of five stars.

The Sea Dreams Soother is affordably priced, it is $35.00 at Amazon and is $39.99 at Buy Buy Baby, while it is $35.89 at Walmart.

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