Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer

aden + anais Classic Muslin Crib SheetAs a brand new or soon to be mother, it can be a very confusing and overwhelming task trying to sort through the lengthy list of needs and wants that babies have. One area that is relatively easily overlooked, but should not be, is bedding for the crib. A product that I truly admire and appreciate for their comfort, safety, quality, durability, cost, and style is Aden + Anais classic muslin sheets.

With a nearly endless variety of fitted crib sheets on the market, it may be hard to determine notable differences that make one type stand out above the others. One of the huge benefits of Aden + Anais sheets is comfort. They are made with a unique open weave design. This allows for liberal air flow, and keeps your baby warm in the cold months of winter and cool in the hot months of summer. After nine months in a perfectly regulated womb, it can be hard for babies to easily regulate their own temperature. Proper and comfortable sleeping temperatures are imperative to the quality and safety of infant sleep, and the Aden + Anais sheets really do help in this regard.

Sleep safety is of utmost importance to most new parents. As mentioned previously, reducing the risk of overheating an infant while sleeping improves the safety of their sleep. Several studies have linked overheating to an increased risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Aden + Anais crib sheets fit snugly around normal sized crib mattresses. This can provide great peace of mind, with no need to worry about loose, ill-fitted sheets slipping off of corners and becoming a suffocation, strangulation, or entrapment hazard for your baby. Most pediatricians suggest having nothing loose in the baby’s crib in the way of pillows, blankets, or toys, until your infant reaches at least one year in age.

The quality and durability of Aden + Anais sheets is extremely high. They offer both an organic and a traditional line. Both lines are phthalate free, lead free, latex free, and BPA free. Aden + Anais sheets are 100% cotton muslin. This fabric holds up well to multiple washings. While many fabrics start to stretch, fray, or pull over time, Aden + Anais sheets are incredibly durable. The fabric will not fade or lose shape, but will only soften with each subsequent wash, making them even more comfortable than the day you purchased them.

Aden + Anais sheets are very competitively priced once you’ve done your research. While certainly cheaper sheets are available on the market, you will not get the same quality. The longevity, breathability, quality, and comfort make these sheets are great buy. As an added bonus, style is not lost with the immense functionality of Aden + Anais sheets. They offer a large selection of designs, ranging from neutral and pastel colors to adorable patterns.

I would gladly give Aden + Anais classic muslin sheets a rating of 5 out of 5 stars. They provide a safe and comfortable sleeping surface for your new baby without sacrificing durability, style, or quality. Whether you desire an organic or traditional line, Aden + Anais can meet your need with a reasonably priced and high quality product that will last for years to come.

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