What a Colorful Bath

Crayola Color Bath Dropz

When I want to change the color of my child’s bath water or give them a fun experience while taking a bath, I use Crayola Color Bath Dropz. These are easy to use in the water as they dissolve and turn the bath into a rainbow. The small tablets come in primary colors. These are red, yellow and blue. However, I can put two colors together and create green, orange and purple. I try to change the color of the bath each time my children take a bath so that they have something different to look at instead of the same thing each night.

One of the tings that I like about the Crayola Color Bath Dropz is that they don’t leave stains on the tub or on the skin. I can let my children play in the water without worrying abut whether they will look like an alien when they get out of the water. I’ve also seen that the shade of the water will get lighter when there is more water in the tub as the drops have to more area to disperse through.

Another benefit of the Crayola Color Bath Dropz is that they come in a plastic container with a lid that screws in place. This helps to keep messes under control. There are 60 tablets in the container. They last a little over two months as I don’t use a drop every time my kids take a bath. I also like that the drops aren’t expensive.

When holidays roll around, I use the drops in the toilet, sink water and the tub. For Halloween, I turn as much as I can orange, and when St. Patrick’s Day arrives, everything becomes green. My kids love seeing all of the different colors of water in the home instead of only using the drops in the bathtub. We don’t drink the water, even though the drops are non-toxic, but it’s still fun to see the various colors that can be made every month out of the year to help in celebrating holidays and special events.

When my children are in the bathtub, I use the drops to teach them about their colors. I add a few toys that are the same color as well as a few that aren’t so that they can see the difference in all of them. This has helped them with school as they are now learning about how to spell each color and some of the combinations that are used to make new shades.

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