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Monte Design Lumbar Pillow

For those of you that own a lovely Monte Glider and have one set up in your baby’s nursery then I’m sure you have seen the beautiful Missoni pillow that helps support your baby while gliding in your Monte chair. Missoni is a world known fashion house based in Italy. All of Missoni’s products are gorgeous and incredibly stylish. What mother wouldn’t want to add a pop of color to their Monte Glider or any chair with one of these decorative pillows. It is ultra chic and can be used in any room in the house once the baby grows up.

Filling and Dimensions
This pillow is filled with a dense foam with a unique rectangular shape that makes it one of its kind. The pillow itself is approximately twelve inches in height and twenty-four inches in width. The dense foam is locally manufactured from natural seed based-oils. The pillow is lead free, low VOC, halogen free, mercury free, and free of any other heavy metals. It is also durable and stain-resistant. The monte company is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of their products. They focus on using non-toxic, recyclable materials. All of their products are made with chemical-free foam from natural seed oils and wood. I find this to be extremely important since your baby will be spending a lot of time near or on this pillow with you. It is a wonderful feeling knowing it has been made chemical-free and your baby’s soft skin will not be exposed to any harsh chemicals.

The extra support pillow makes relaxing with your baby a cinch. The support pillow is made to be placed behind your lower back for the ultimate comfort while holding your baby. Make sure the lumbar pillow fits in a vertical position in the gap between your lower spine and your chair. This pillow will support your lumbar area while nursing, rocking, or singing a lullaby to your baby. This decorative lumbar pillow is the perfect accessory for any new mom who will be seating for long periods holding her newborn.

This pillow has a unique design that can only be found made my Missoni which adds such a nice pop of color to any nursery. The best part about this pillow is that once the baby is old enough, you can move the pillow to another room in your house. This pillow will be a staple in your home. If you enjoy styling your home like I do than you probably already know that most Missoni lumbar pillows run for well over $150 a pillow. Getting a stylish Missoni pillow for only $85 is a steal! Decorating your baby’s room does not mean you have to use the same old boring pink and blue colors. Have some fun with decorating with this stylish one of a kind Missoni pillow for your nursery.

Overall, I would rate this pillow a 5 out of 5. Decorating your baby’s room should be fun and innovative! Being able to purchase a pillow that not only helps you sit and relax comfortably but is also an incredible price for a designer pillow is well worth the purchase in my eyes.

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